Renewables management

Solar thermal and photothermal

We analyze your hot water consumption needs to cover your demand using renewable energies as well as the technology that provides you with greater energy savings, executing the installation with the most efficient solution among the possibilities offered by the market: thermal plates; hybrid solar collectors, photothermic or aerothermal systems.

The new DB-HE4 of the CTE has updated the minimum contribution of renewable energy to 60% to cover the demand for hot water and / or heating of swimming pools in those buildings or establishments where it is required and whose contribution of renewable energy is calculated based on of their occupation. Since 2007, this requirement has been justified by installing thermal solar panels.

GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. analyzes the particularities of each installation, being that it currently consists of thermal plates, collectors and accumulators; and the benefits are very different depending on the control systems and adaptation of the installation to the real consumption needs; as well as the use of hybrid solar collectors that are capable of generating electricity through photovoltaic cells and sanitary hot water simultaneously thanks to solar energy; or photothermic systems with accumulators with supplied resistors, there is a wide range of photovoltaic modules on the market

GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. always carries out a study of real thermal demand according to the calculation of consumption, not only for compliance with what is required by the applicable regulations; but to analyze the possibility and convenience of using one or another technology to meet the demand for hot water compared to alternatives such as aerothermal, with VRV equipment or variable refrigerant volume, for the production of hot water where savings can be higher and thereby achieve greater energy efficiency.