Renewables management


We take advantage of the thermal energy of the ambient air to cover your needs for cold or heat, as well as for the generation of hot water. Since the electrical consumption required by aerothermal energy is much lower than the thermal energy obtained, with the use of this clean and sustainable technology we guarantee efficient management with maximum energy savings

In the residential field, air conditioning has advanced enormously under the PASSIVHAUS concept where the construction of passive housing and comfort are based on energy efficiency.

Far from point solutions of direct expansion equipment, such as the incorporation of a wall split, a ceiling cassette or a duct installation; GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. develops and executes particular aerothermal facilities in which the cold or heat emission systems can range from underfloor heating, fan coils or convectors and diffusers of different technologies.

From domestic solutions to facilities that require hot or cold water storage to meet large specific demands; all of them monitored and with the necessary level of connectivity so that anyone and from wherever they want can efficiently control and manage their energy consumption.

GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. designs tailor-made solutions to implement them taking advantage of existing facilities, so that in addition to reducing investment in their renovation, interruptions in their operation are avoided.