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The air we breathe, normally, has a level of pollution. There is no risk to health with an adequate ventilation installation that renews the indoor air and provides filtered outdoor air with adequate distribution and diffusion. We design and install customized solutions that guarantee the air quality that each room requires depending on its use and occupation. With the use of energy recovery technologies we guarantee energy savings and efficiency.

The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has given relevance to the importance and need of having a ventilation installation with input of outside air to closed spaces and the evacuation of stale indoor air for its renewal. In GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. We implement tailor-made solutions that guarantee the required air quality in each room based on its intended use and occupation, both in domestic applications and in any other area.

Even if it has the necessary oxygen, the air we normally breathe is polluted; it carries particles of which the smaller ones are not trapped by the nostrils and pass directly to the respiratory system. Present in small concentrations, the most common pollutants in closed indoor environments are, among others; gases such as carbon dioxide or those derived from the use of cleaning products (aerosols), dust or biological agents caused by the presence of fungi, bacteria and viruses. With a proper ventilation installation there is no risk to health.

In industry, it is common practice to protect workers from inhalation of vapors, gases or aerosols through air extraction facilities and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE); While in other commercial, office or residential environments, the importance is not given that the effects of the presence of said particles in the indoor air of a room can cause the health of workers and users.

GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. designs and installs air treatment units (AHUs) with the filtration required by the activity that, in addition to guaranteeing clean air with the climatic conditions for environmental comfort, ensures its adequate distribution and diffusion.

GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. develops and executes ventilation installations taking into account their energy efficiency; incorporating energy recovery technologies that, in addition to providing the supply of outdoor air required for the renewal of indoor air, guarantee savings in consumption; as demonstrated by the monitoring for the control and management of these facilities.

GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. offers a maintenance service for the ventilation installation, being that by itself it does not guarantee the required level of air quality without carrying out cleaning or replacement of filters, as well as cleaning and disinfection of equipment and ducts.