Technology management

Air conditioning

We analyze your needs for air conditioning, heating and / or cooling, to achieve a comfortable thermal environmental level and the well-being of people. We design, execute or reform your air conditioning installation with a solution that reduces its operating and maintenance cost. We obtain energy efficiency through the use of monitored technologies and with the necessary connectivity to efficiently control and manage your energy consumption

Except in certain industrial sectors, air conditioning, heating and / or refrigeration installations represent the highest energy consumption; therefore GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. is prepared to design, implement or reform the air conditioning installation that, by meeting the thermal needs of its customers, reduces the energy cost generated by its use or activity.

Workspaces are where we spend most of our time, therefore GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. analyzes the particular needs of air conditioning to reach a comfortable environmental level with the thermo-hygrometric conditions, relative to temperature and humidity, and the flow and air velocity values; that require the applicable regulations in shops, offices, schools, residences, hotels or places of public attendance. GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. develops the design of a particular customized solution with which in addition to ensuring the thermal comfort of users and workers, the investment is recovered in the shortest possible time; ensuring a minimum cost in the operation and maintenance of the installation where monitoring for its control should not be an option.

Current technology for air conditioning solutions in the industrial field allows GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. develop and execute facilities that take advantage of residual energy in hydraulic or combustion processes by incorporating heat exchangers or accumulators, thereby resulting in considerable savings in overall energy consumption.