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auditorias energeticas zaragoza
With an energy audit we obtain the profile of energy consumption in your facilities. By analyzing these measurements, we not only propose energy improvements to maximize your savings; rather, in addition to implementing those classified as viable, we take care of their monitoring; verifying that the proposed energy improvement has been made effective. We participate in the management of energy efficiency and its continuous improvement.

Since February 2016, according to RD 56/2016, companies with more than 250 workers or more than 50 million euros in turnover have the obligation to carry out an energy audit in accordance with the UNE EN 16247 standards. This does not mean that Any company or activity that wants to obtain maximum energy savings from its facilities has to do an energy audit in order to carry out a management that improves its energy efficiency.

Through the energy audit GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. obtains the data of the energy consumption profile existing in the customer’s facilities; allowing GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. determine and quantify the possibilities of saving energy at an efficient cost and that it proposes through energy improvements. This procedure should be carried out in a systematic way; RD 56/2016 states that an energy audit must be carried out every four years from the date of the previous energy audit.

GESTIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS Y ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, S.L. is in charge of managing the implementation of the energy improvements that the client decides to incorporate; carrying out all the actions that are necessary for this, as well as its follow-up at the end of it to verify that the proposed energy improvement has actually been made effective.